The Masters of Health - Free Video Summit

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The Masters of Health - Free Video Summit

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כנס אינטרנטי בחינם בנושא בריאות ותזונה נאה מהצומח. דאג גרהם משתתף. מתחיל מחר:

פרטים מתוך האימייל שנשלח לרשימת התפוצה של גרהם:

Attend The Masters of Health Event with Mellisa Bottali for free:

This upcoming video summit with Mellisa Bottali (from June 24th to July 4th) will showcase the tools you need to lose unwanted bodyfat and live an energetic life.

I’ve partnered with Mellisa and her phenomenal team to help spread the word of 21 experts who all strive to make you feel good and look great.

The Masters Of Health event is an easy-to-follow guide with the step-by-step processes, tools and information you need to achieve your goals… ALL IN ONE PLACE!

nline for free from June 24 - July 4
Access it from any computer or device
Watch from the gym, while cooking, in your PJs before bed, during your lunch break…

Just watch, because I’m certain it will give you the information you’ve been waiting for to truly change your life.

Mellisa’s personal journey took her from years of discomfort due to misdiagnosis to finally having a life full of radical energy. Now, her passion is to help others truly feel alive and well. The frustration of our overfat society and the lack of proper nutrition leaves people exhausted, sick and even disease ridden. The Masters of Health event will widen the lens of society and encourage people to live now.

This summit kicks off on Tuesday the 24th with MY interview and advice.

Register for FREE now at the following link:

Here are a few of the other presenters:

Markus Rothkranz:
Turn Your Life Around

Ka Sundance:
Raw Family Lifestyle

Nathan Crane:
Mindset, Personal Empowerment

Laura Fox:
Creating a Mindset Shift

Lisa Wilson:
Raw Food Preparation

Natalia Rose:
Fat Loss and What It Means to Detox

Hayley Hobson:
Live the Lifestyle of Your Dreams

Jillian Love:
Making Personal Change, Raw Food and Beauty

Come listen to The Masters of Health ONLINE for FREE and be inspired from June 24 - July 4, 2014!

Register for FREE today. My video interview airs the 24th, this Tuesday!
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